Easter postcard - In the Grass

  • Kartka – w trawce
  • Easter postcard - In the Grass
  • Kartka – w trawce
  • Easter postcard - In the Grass

Manufacturer: Agnieszka Nyklasz

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postcard. An illustration on one side, blank space for your text on the other side. Although the text will not always be necessary, as our postcards themselves convey emotions. There is love, friendship, memories, sensations, seasons and festive days in them... But what they reflect most often is the beauty of common days. We celebrate cooking soup, cycling and looking out of the window. Ilustris postcards present an affirmative vision of the world that we love, in which we love and in which we are important. Sometimes only for ourselves, sometimes for her, for him, for a cat or... for a little colourful feather found on the ground. When a day comes when you will need a magical design to express your emotions, remember that there are Ilustris postcards. They help to settle the most difficult matters, they can bring little joys and work wonders. You only need to choose...

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